John McEnroe, Jim Courier, Patrick Rafter and Michael Chang featured in a Power Shares Series tournament on the eve of Friday at the Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Centre. Rafter overpowered the left-handed angry old man, McEnroe, in the final and defeated him 8-4 to pick up the Power Shares Series title. It was his first ever since her conquest in 2009.

Rafter said at the end of the match, “I’ve haven’t played too many competitive matches in awhile, but I moved really well, I’ve been doing a lot of fitness work back home, so I guess it all paid off. You want to come out here and still play well. I’m still at an age where I feel like I can hit the ball okay, so I want to enjoy it while I can.”

He further added, “John puts me under a lot of pressure on my serve, and I felt it all the time. I always find him very difficult to play against. He’s unreal, he’s amazing.”

Players that took part in the event were one of the most successful athletes in their ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) careers. They gathered 14 Grand Slam titles altogether and showed some serious tennis skills specially the likes of McEnroe who was one of the best tennis players in his era; although a bit arrogant but still a pure talent that is hardly seen in today’s game play which is extremely fast and less stylish.

In a match against Courier, McEnroe as usual showed some anger at the courts after missing a cheeky drop shot that just landed long. He smashed a racquet at the net and then again at the ground. The tantrum was so hard that the racquet bounced back off the rubber surface. However, it was nothing new for anyone who knows McEnroe. He was trailing from an early break down and that always hurts especially in the old age when the temperament is quickly lost.

These types of events always help the old players to stay in contact with their loved ones and stay fit as well. Moreover, crowd is able to witness them play again and some autographs and photographs can be taken which is always healthy to blossom the sport of tennis.